We love challenges and excel at problem solving.

We provide product design services in any area/material, meaning we design products for your range. Be it from a briefing where you identified what product you need or what kind of product you need or at least what sector 1n your range you want to tackle.

Production sectors or materials we have never approached before are challenges we particularly enjoy, as both us and you have to go through a growth process together.

We also provide a full comprehensive product design service, meaning we will study your brand, along with you, in all fronts, from the product image that your brand already has, to the production capability that you have or are about to implement. We design taking in not only what you and the market wants but also what your machinery/staff is capable of doing, coming up with new products for your range be it consumer or b2b oriented and then we follow through the production until the final working prototype but we don't stop there and even help on the marketing guidelines of it.

We are particularly good at finding market product gaps and design taking that into consideration.

Production logistics and production improvement are fields we also work in and they are present in any of our services.

The product design projects we carry out can be either royalty free, royalty based or a mix of both depending on your needs and the type of industry.

Contact us you'll be surprised with what we can do for your brand/product range no matter what sector you work in.

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