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Meyrelles & Martin #uchnopsdesignersThe faces
At the core of uchnops, an international design brand, based and operated from Scotland (UK), is the duo of designer's Meyrelles&Martin

Raz Meyrelles is a former swimming athlete, and founder member of the European Youth Parliament in her home country. Her university background is on international politics, economics and management fields. She has worked in a number of design disciplines, working with designers and interior designers, and her work was shortlisted by the European Space Agency.

Jaf Martin studied psychology and industrial design at university. In his home country he has worked in a film festival and radio, producing a number of festival editions and presenting his own programme on national radio. He has worked in design for a number of years, and his work has also been shortlisted by the European Space Agency (The Influence of Space on Design).

The brand
On a fundamental level the brand exists to induce the materialisation of the designers continuous creativity stream. They are a team who are constantly driven to create, build and produce. They exist to make things happen.

The building of the uchnops brand and its creations has involved harnessing a vast array of cutting edge expertise. Innovative engineering, traditional craftsmanship, production management and marketing are all approached with the same exacting uchnops ethos

Innovation, creativity, technology, quality materials

In the past, uchnops designers have worked with a wide variety of production systems, techniques (wood and metal working, 3D printing, etc) and materials (wood, ceramics, metals, precious metals, carbon fibre, fibre glass, Corian, composite materials, etc) in product design.

We always keep an open-mind throughout the whole process of designing and making a product, allowing natural curiosity to nourish imagination and experimentation. It is at this stage that we often build what could be called a task force - an ad hoc work team meant to channel the different skills needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Only then can we reach timeless beauty and perfection, as well as sculptural and unique characteristics coming together in one single object that also is a product.

Two key concepts are ubiquitous in every project we develop: ergonomics and aesthetics.
Uchnops relishes new projects and collaborations with other brands and we are always eager to embrace our clients challenges.

Our ethos rests on the belief that there is a sophisticated, design cognoscenti audience ready to be challenged by the way we shape matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy?
Pay 50% on deposit and the rest when the piece is ready to deliver. Payment is by bank transfer.
We provide all details on the full form we send back to you before a formal pre order.

How to pre order?
Send an email to with name of the piece; your name and address (for shipping costs). We will reply within 2 working days with a full form for you to place a formal pre order.

Can I customise my uchnops piece?
Yes. Please mention that when enquiring and do send us a phone number and best time to contact you so we can phone you back and talk about what you have in mind.

How long is the lead time?
This differs from piece to piece. We do provide accurate lead times on the form we send you before a formal pre order is placed.

Where are uchnops head quarters?
Scotland. Same adress as our workshop

Who owns the uchnops trade-mark?
uchnops is owned by a Scottish registered sole trader.

What exactly is uchnops?
uchnops is a high-end product design brand under which a team of designers, based in Scotland, works.

Can I buy uchnops pieces from someone else?
Unless (and only on very special occasions) we specify that retailer on our official website.
In case of doubt contact us and we will answer any doubts you may have.

What if I am buying a second hand collectors piece; how can I be sure it is a real uchnops piece?
That may depend if it is a limited edition piece or not.
Most parts of our non limited editions pieces are marked in other ways than just a common label and we know exactly where to look, so in this case call us.
All of our limited edition pieces are marked besides the normal label, and we do keep a record of all ownership.
If it is a limited edition you will want to register your purchase with us, and we will send you a new certificate (you should ask for the original from the collector you're buying from) with your details for that piece after confirming with the previous owner.