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2022/6/22 14:12:46
jingxin successfully participated in the 2022 xinjiang medical expo
source:shanghai jingxin

during the "thirteenth five-year plan" period, 19 supporting provinces and cities have invested a total of 5.9 billion yuan, and the national health system has increased support to promote the scientific development of xinjiang's health and health undertakings, and the health of the people has been significantly improved. xinjiang medical market has also become a new hot spot for many enterprises to invest, providing exhibitors with broad investment space and unlimited business opportunities. in recent years, with the in-depth development of the national "one belt, one road" strategy, xinjiang is concentrating on building a medical service center in the core area of the silk road economic belt, vigorously developing the medical industry in the northwest region, and comprehensively serving the medical industry from the source to the end. the entire medical industry chain has built an important platform for enterprises to enter the medical market of countries along the silk road. under the guidance of relevant departments, the xinjiang medical expo will be held in xinjiang international convention and exhibition center on march 3-5, 2022.

as an exhibitor of the exhibition, shanghai jingxin industrial development co., ltd. brought a lot of equipment, such as grinding and crushing series, intelligent analysis workstation, vibrating screening series, ultrasonic series, and its performance in the exhibition was also outstanding.




the scene was very lively and crowded. there are many customers and exhibitors who are very interested in jingxin's equipment, which benefits from the efforts of everyone in the company. the on-site sales staff are patiently explaining and displaying products to the gathered customers.




after listening to the explanation, everyone gave a high evaluation and unanimous praise to the products.

in the next exhibition, jingxin also gave a detailed introduction to the specific use of the frozen grinder, and showed the results of grinding experiments sent by customers.



main technical features:

a. high data accuracy and reproducibility

1. during the grinding process, the sample is always at an ultra-low temperature facilitated by liquid nitrogen.

2. theory the sample is cooled to -100°c within 1 minute, and can reach -196°c within 4 minutes and 30 seconds

3. the sample is in a completely closed state during the crushing process, and the sample is completely retained in the grinding tube to ensure the control of dangerous and important samples.

4. the sample bottles are independently sealed, and it is very convenient to clean after each break, avoiding cross-contamination between samples and external contamination

b. versatility, humanized design

1. lcd display, can set parameters such as grinding time and grinding operation frequency (optional)

2. movable control panel (optional)

3. can store 10 programs (optional)

4. 1.5ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 25ml 50ml and other sample tubes can be installed for sample grinding

c. durability

1. there is only one moving part - the collider, which greatly reduces the mechanical stress and prolongs the service life of the equipment

2. strong technical support: shanghai jingxin company has more than 2,000 users and specializes in the production of sample pretreatment instruments.


jingxin's single-cell suspension preparation instrument was also introduced at the scene.


the single-cell preparation instrument (4-channel heating type) is a new-generation cell suspension preparation device that integrates metal bath digestion and mild tissue shearing. it is used in experiments such as flow cytometry/single-cell sequencing/primary cell culture. the initial tissue volume is small, the time is short, the cell yield is high, and the cell viability is high. adopt international din method design, low noise, easy to use, stable performance.


high tissue utilization, efficient single-cellization process, and high single-cell yield

for clinical puncture samples, the utilization rate of tissue can reach 100%, and the cell yield can reach more than 100,000

for original cell culture samples, complete the process from tissue to single cell within 15 minutes, reduce cell adversity time, and improve cell survival rate

for tissue single-cell sequencing, single-cell processing can be quickly completed to obtain single cells with high yield and a viability rate of more than 85%. take mouse tissue as an example:

during this short three-day exhibition period, many industry partners came to the booth to have an in-depth exchange of industry trends and technological development with our technical staff. we also firmly believe that as long as unremitting efforts and patient explanations, shanghai jingxin's products will surely be favored and recognized by more scientific research friends.

shanghai jingxin industrial development co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of life science instruments and reagents.