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The Triptych is a folding screen composed of three panels; it can be folded in any direction because of its custom made, heavy duty, double action hinges.

The main side features a high resolution (not digitally enhanced or manipulated) macro photography, on two of the panels. It brings to life a watery graphic element, its shades of blue a striking contrast with the textured velvety brown look of the earth element (on the remaining panel). The opposite side presents a sober look in cork skin framed by sycamore wood. Each panel has two Walnut wood feet that allow, along with the hinges, the self-levelling of the screen, compensating eventual minor imperfections on the floor.

High quality printed canvas, cork skin, Sycamore Wood and American Black Walnut wood

H 175cm x W 50cm x D 6cm (each panel)

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